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Sullair Paving Breaker MPB 90A 1-1/8"

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Sullair Paving Breaker MPB 90A 1-1/8"

The Sullair paving breaker is designed for work efficiency and a long, trouble free life.


Fewer wearing parts, less maintenance, greater operator comfort, less fatigue, less air consumption are some of the great features that makes Sullair's Paving Braker a superior product.



Weight92 lbs.
Length27 1/2"
Bore & Stroke2 7/16" x 5 9/32"
Impact Rate1380 blows/min.
Air Consumption62 cfm
Air Inlet Diameter3/4" NPT
Shipping Weight97 lbs.



The Sullair breakers have eliminated most high-wear parts. Fewer parts mean less wear, less maintenance, and less downtime.

Unlike conventional breakers, Sullair breakers have no multi-part tappet system. With fewer parts, wear is reduced and risk of air leak is minimized. With no tappet system, which requires three independent impacts, noise is also reduced.

A leakproof air cushion forms at the end of the piston stroke and stops the piston from direct impact when the tool is not breaking. The elimination of side rods, nuts, and springs makes Sullair breakers sleeker and more comfortable to operate.

All Sullair breaker parts are warranted for two years against manufacturing defects. Additionally, should a part wear out during normal operation, it is covered by Sullair's exclusive two-year warranty.

With only two parts moving during operation, normal oil carry-over from the compressor, combined with moisture in the air, will usually provide sufficient lubrication under normal operating conditions. Manual lubrication before storage is sufficient.