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To function properly, power trowels must maintain a precise perpendicular relationship between the gearbox’s output shaft and blade arms. Once that relationship is compromised, the trowel will vibrate and/or wobble.  MBW has gone to great lengths to maintain this critical relationship.Walk-Behind Power Trowels feature the industry’s heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms. Comparison of these critical MBW components to those of any competitor answers the question as to why MBW trowels run so well for so long.

Also offering a full line of concrete power trowel blades, float blades, finishing blades.

Concrete Power Trowel Blades - Pans

The MBW Gear Box

Designed for our heaviest trowel, the MBW gear box is overbuilt and preserves component commonality throughout the range. Housing and covers made of  heat-treated cast aluminum alloy feature reinforced construction. Cooling fins insure rapid heat dissipation for extended bearing and lubricant life. MBW’s one piece, case hardened wormshaft is the most accurate in the industry. Ground bearing journals insure exact bearing alignment and maximum bearing life.

All MBW bearings are able to accept load spikes and provide long life under rigorous use. MBW bronze wormgear conforms to exacting specifications and features extra heavy-duty hub and flange construction. High quality seal and O-rings provide resistance to leakage and enhances life of the industry’s most rugged gear box. Precision alignment, serviceability, and resistance to application induced bending or wear, characterize MBW’s spider assembly. An entire battery of numerically controlled metal working machinery and in-process inspection procedures allow no compromise on tolerances. Other alignment considerations include Teflon lined, steel arm/bore inserts, and arms which are precisely milled to provide the most accurate blade-toarm alignment.

All components subject to high levels of stress are overbuilt: heavier trowel arms (both hex and machined sections), tilt arm and spider castings, and yoke plates. The pressure plate features a deep collar for added support on spider. Yoke plate is designed for widest dispersal of tilting pressures and is machined to accept a greasable thrust bearing.The most serviceable, precisely aligned, and ruggedtrowel on the market today.