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Husqvarna TS60 Tile Saw 966610701

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Husqvarna TS60 Tile Saw 966610701

New Husqvarna TS60 Tile Saw featuring a new water containment system, 20" Diagonal, 24" Rip Cuts


Husqvarna's new and versatile TS60 Tile Saw includes the patented Jet Stream Containment System which keeps water inside the water pan allowing cutting indoors with very little mess.  It's transportation is a simple with a folding stand and integrated wheels within the unit for transporting from job to job.  Also the stand height is adjustable for operator comfort.

Click for a product video of the TS 60

  • Cuts Bricks / Tile up to 20" Diagonal and Rip Cuts up to 24"
  • New rolling wheel system with folding stand makes transportation easy, weighs just 79 lbs
  • Efficiently switches between pluge cuts and miter cuts, extra long 26" cart to better support tile
  • Equipped with Elgard which indicates, via the LED, when the machine is overloaded to prevent motor damage, Electronic Softstart helps starting with normal, slow-acting fuses and increases brush and motor life
  • Water flow system efficiently provides clean water and is designed to keep pump protected from slurry, elongating life of the pump
  • Depth stop keeps the blade on the TS60 at the correct depth