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Please be advised lead times are longer then usual on most heaters

Prepare for cold weather with Construction Grade LB White Heaters Convection Heaters, Kerosene / Fuel Oil Heaters and Torches!  Also providing LB White Premier ductable heaters.

LB White propane forced air heaters provide plenty of heat for job sites, home building and every day use for garages and more.

LB White Convection Heaters are great for new construction or situations where power is not available.

LB White Kerosene (#1 and #2 Fuel Oil) Forced Air Kerosene Heaters are an excellent choice when gas is not readily available.

Propane torches are great for on the spot heating for thawing pipes and other needs.  These heavy duty industrial steel torches are high quality construction grade.

Versatile and convenient LB White ductable unit heaters can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation inside, or be ducted in from the outside.


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