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Everything you want to know about concrete - Floating Concrete

There are three purposes of properly floating concrete:

1) to embed large aggregates just beneath the surface

2) to remove slight imperfections, bumps and voids, producing a level or plane surface

3) to consolidate mortar at the surface in preparation for other finishing operations

After the concrete has been properly placed and struck off, the surface should not be floated until the water sheen has disappeared, and/or when the mix has stiffened enough so that the weight of a man standing on it only leaves a slight imprint on the surface. Using one of our Power Trowels for your floating and finish operations will make your job easier!

Flloat blades should be used with the edges turned up slightly, allowing the concrete to roll before and under the blade, which will force all the aggregate below the surface. The floating operation should continue until the entire surface is smooth and level.