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Everything you want to know about Concrete - Concrete Curing

Curing of a concrete slab is one of the most important, often neglected, construction operations. You can properly mix, place and finish concrete but if not allowed to cure properly it will still result in a poor operation.

You should protect newly placed concrete from the sun and drying winds to prevent it from drying to quickly. Curing methods can vary, but some include using burlap or canvas, watertight paper or polyethlene film. Membrane curing compounds sprayed on the surface of the concrete are often used and should be applied after concrete is finished. There are water bases curing compounds as well as solvent based. Several of the membrane curing compounds will also seal and protect the slab. There are many different curing and sealing compounds out there that vary by price and performance. Concrete generally reaches its designed strength in about 28 days, if conditions are normal.