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Diamond Blade Buying Guide

There are two ways to measure the performance of diamond blades. The first is how effective it is as it grinds through material. The second is how long of life (or the total footage) the diamond blade will yield. In general the more money you spend on a diamond blade you will yield a longer life and benefit from faster cuts. These Husqvarna Diamond Blades range from basic economy versions such as the VH5, EH styles to the top of the line HI5 diamond blades. The general difference between these blades are the diamond content, which is the greatest raw material cost in manufacturing the blade. Basically, the user should decide what's more important: the initial cost of the diamond blade or the total sawing cost. For large jobs, or for frequent use, a top-quality diamond blade will more than likely be less expensive in the long run based on a cost-per-cut breakdown. For smaller cutting jobs, where the blade won't be getting much of a workout, chosing a economy diamond blade may be the better choice.

Most diamond blades are used either as Wet Cutting or Dry Cutting. Dry cutting eliminates messy wet slurry and the need to equip saws with water tanks and hoses. On the other hand using a blade wet will reduce dust.

For maximum cutting speed and the best blade life it is important to match the spec of the diamond blade to the type of material your cutting. Blade manufacturers consider concrete with a compressive strength of 3000 psi or lower a soft material and concrete with a 6000 psi a hard material. Knowing that you would need a hard bond diamond blade to cut softer psi concrete and a soft bond blade to cut high psi concrete. A diamond blade maintains it's effectivness by exposing more diamonds as the cutting action occurs. That is why it is so important to match type of material to the spec of the diamond blade. Asphalt and Green Concrete are a very abrasive type of cutting material and will call for a harder spec of segment. If one were to use a concrete spec diamond blade and cut asphalt performance and diamond life will drop dramatically. The size of the aggregate in concrete primarily affects blade performance. When cutting through larger aggregate (3/4 and up) the blade cuts and wears more slowly. Pea gravel (smaller than 3/8 inch) is easier to cut, but the blade will wear faster.