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Saws - Walk Behind & Handheld for Concrete / Asphalt

The Husqvarna Floor Saws are either self propelled or push with the ability to take from 14" (5" cutting depth) to much larger.  These saws are good for sawing asphalt or concrete driveways, basement floors, warehouse floors or any application that requires sawing of horizontal concrete or asphalt.

Choose gas powered cut off saws for a wide variety of applications including cutting masonry brick/block, rebar, demo concrete work and much more!  Cutting depths range from 4" to 6" on select models.  These gas saws are efficient and can be used with diamond blades either dry cutting or wet cutting.

The Husqvarna Electric powererd can be used with water and are for applications where a lighter weight saw or non-emission creating saw is needed.  These can cut 5" and are great for indoor concrete cutting.

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