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Plastic / Poly Blades - Finish Floors Burnish-mark Free



The UHMW blades are combination-style plastic power trowel blades made to float and finish any application where leaving burnish marks is a concern.  UHMW blades are designed for use on walk-behind power trowels and are specially formulated abrasion-resistant plastic.  They have blade life comparible to regular steel blades.  They provide a hard, polished finish and are not for use with float pans or ride on trowels.


plastic_04The Steel Reinforced Plastic Poly Pro Trowel Blades eliminates the risk of leaving dark burnish marks on any type of concrete or epoxy.  The steel backing adds rigidity to the plastic, provides a harder finish and allows the blade to be used on ride-on power trowels.  Plastic blades proven to last as long, in most cases longer, than steel blades.

All Power Trowel Blades are sold invidually (not in packs).

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